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Structural scale

Part of the restaurant floor of a mixed-use building

Type of industry

Tempura Restaurant

Type of construction


Fuji Tempura Idaten (Opening soon on March 28, 2021)
We have been asked to design, plan and construction supervision for a Japanese-owned tempura restaurant franchise store.
Considering the layout that makes effective use of the floor plan of the open-air store in the restaurant area on the 6th floor of Lotte Building in Hanoi, we have combined our proposal with a design that suits the owner's image and materials that can be procured locally.
We have designed the restaurant as a bright, neat & clean and contemporary space with having various seating arrangements where not only Japanese people, but also Vietnamese and people from other countries can also enjoy the authentic Japanese tempura.
In addition, as an open kitchen, there are counter seats infront of kitchen area from where you can see chef's frying tempura in front of you, box seats where you can enjoy meals with multiple people, counter seats where individual customers can eat while looking out through the window, and some semi-private zone with VIP seats.
In addition, there is a large screen on the wall which can also functions as an event venue, incorporating elements not found in other stores.


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